The above tweet was one that I recently read while on Twitter. I have to admit that it has stuck in my head ever since. It has added another reason why, as an educator, I believe Twitter and other social media tools (Facebook, Google +, and many other sites) can facilitate lasting and meaningful improvement in education. This facilitation is because of the connections to thousands and thousands of other educators who are passionate about striving for excellence in themselves and for the students they teach and the adults with whom they work.

Another post from @gcouros, entitled Summer Blogging Challenge, gives the following illustration.

In this example, the author shares his advice to new teachers everywhere. This advice can be given to more educators because of the facilitation through social media tools.

Connecting with others on Twitter is a powerful way to continue to learn and grow as a professional. I was personally reminded of this when two of my Twitter connections, @shiraleibowitz and @S_Blankenship, agreed to have a live conversation with my staff during our retreat.

‘So?’ you ask. Well, it is only possible because of these connections on Twitter as we are all in three different states!

So, more advice to other educators, get out there and engage with others through social media tools in ways which facilitate improvement in education and you as a learner and educator. Enjoy and Grow!


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