Wow! This sign literally stopped me in my tracks the other day when I entered the gym. I shared with Michelle that I ‘had’ to take a picture of it, and that I would definitely be blogging about this one. My mind immediately went in a million directions when I read it. It was one of the most profound things I had seen lately.

I also thought about the post from Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby), Hypocrisy in the Profession of Education, and the harsh truth that he shared. He so respectfully puts it this way…

As educators, we strive to create life-long learners in our students. Many schools make mention of life-long learning in their mission statements. But why, I ask, does it only apply to students? As teachers, should we not be scholars? Should we not continue to learn in order to maintain relevance as a teacher? Do we not have a responsibility, or more, an obligation, to offer our students the most up-to-date education, adhering to the most up-to-date methodology based on the most up-to-date pedagogy? Should we not base our lessons on the most up-to-date information and employ the most up-to-date methods of acquiring, analyzing, understanding, creating, and communicating this information? Educators did not secure a diploma or a teaching license with all of this etched and updating in their brains. This stuff evolves almost daily. Most educators are not evolving at the same rate. Staying relevant is not a passive endeavor. It takes work, time, and effort.

As educators we must be learners first. If we are to be better educators, we must first be better learners.

After reading this, I realized that I totally agree and thought, ‘What have I taken the time to actually learn lately? What has challenged me and changed me?’ I immediately made a conscious choice to learn something entirely new. Yes, I am currently in doctoral classes and am learning, but the geek in me actually likes that kind of stuff, but I wonder if it challenges to me as a learner. Is it something that totally changes me as the sign states?

As Tom states, ‘this stuff evolves almost daily.’ So, Tom (and sign at the gym) I accept your challenge! I will learn something that is challenging to me, so that I can be changed. I will keep you updated.