barrier: Something immaterial that obstructs or impedes (

As I sat in my grad class this weekend, yes, this weekend, I was struck by a question that the professor posed in one of the moments of his lecture. He said, ‘What barriers hinder you from reaching your potential?’ Wow! Those words resounded over and over in my head after that. I have to admit that I probably missed the next few moments of his dialogue because I could not shake the profound nature of his question.

I began to think of the ‘barriers’ that exist in my workplace and started a jot list of them. I have to say that as the list grew I had a moment of sudden realization that the ‘barriers’ to potential may not always be the ‘things on the list’ but that the ‘barrier’ might actually be a person, and that person might be me. Oh my!

What if I am the barrier to someone’s potential??