Recently, I have had the privilege to visit some other elementary schools as I am preparing to open Kelly Mill Elementary in the fall of 2012. I have been encouraged by the enthusiasm and dedication of teachers who have expressed interest in being part of the opening staff.

In one of these conversations, the teacher shared a story and commented how that bringing a staff together from varied backgrounds and experiences as well as having been under various leadership styles is ‘like a bag of Halloween candy.’ Her statement struck me as the perfect analogy for bringing a staff together at Kelly Mill.¬† I realized that, like a bag of candy, everyone is different and will come in many ‘shapes, sizes, colors, packaging, nutritional value’ (all of these terms are used metaphorically), but one characteristic is common…they are all candy. In other words, with varied backgrounds, hopes, dreams, expectations, skills set, dedication, and passion, have one thing in common…we are all educators trying to do what is best for children.

There is no one candy that satisfies that ‘sugar craving’ that we all get just like there is no one educator who has all of the skills, personality, knowledge, etc that can meet every student’s needs. So as the students, parents, faculty and staff think about Kelly Mill, remember Halloween Candy.