As I continue to plan the opening of Kelly Mill Elementary in August, the more time I find myself thinking about the key ingredients in bringing together individuals from varied backgrounds, experiences, and expectations into a unified school family.

There are so many details about opening a school that I never even thought about until this opportunity. Who knew that someone actually decided on which side of the doors will have the sign, or which style of clock should go in every room? As I am learning…evidently, I do.

Yes, these are details that have to be addressed and considered, but more importantly, my mind has been focused on the details about bringing the community together. How do I structure and encourage a belief in a vision that is not completely defined on this day in February? Why should people, who at this point are strangers to each other, come together around the same cause?

I know that it will take an attitude of continuous learning on my part, and we will all have to reach out to each other in an attitude of trust-the primary ingredient.