I have recently been appointed as the Principal of a new school opening in August. I am so excited as well as deeply appreciative of this rare opportunity.

As part of the intentional efforts to bring together a new community of learners and create a school family, I have been conducting Parent Meet-and-Greets. We answer questions that the Parents have identified as important to them and share some goals that will make the school family a success.

After one of these sessions, a parent asked a question that stood out to me. ‘Can you really do that?’ she asked.

My brain immediately thought of the lyrics to a Gaye Marvin song, It Takes Two. some of the lyrics are

To make a dream come true, just takes two

A typical educational response would be similar to these lyrics – we would say it takes home and school-and that would be correct, but my response was a little different.

My response was ‘Yes, absolutely, but it takes three things -strong school leadership, strong teachers, and strong parent support. Great things don’t happen just because we want them to but because we intentionally position things to increase the likelihood that great things happen.

So, it takes two isn’t exactly the full story…