A phrase that we often hear in the educational world has been swirling in my head the last few days. The phrase, “Well, good teaching is good teaching.” This seemingly innocuous statement belies a foundational and critical component of what is means to be an effective 21st Century Educator. As is, this statement implies that once you have ‘arrived’ to a status of having been deemed as ‘good,’ then your teaching will automatically and always be ‘good.’

I disagree. Yes, I do believe that countless educators deliver a quality of instruction that can and should be declared as ‘great’ even, but these educators are always refining their craft by seeking feedback, collaborating with others about the lesson or activity. The point is they understand that there is no such thing as ‘having arrived’ for the very moment that they think they have, they have become less effective.

So ‘good teaching is good teaching’ only as long as the educator tweaks and refines his/her skill.