I am attending the GaETC Conference in Atlanta. In a word…Wow! My brain is swirling with ideas that I have gathered from lots of energetic and passionate educators. To All of You, ‘Thanks!’ It is through these types of interactions that I am energized and encouraged as an educator.

It is evident that most in education are in it for the ‘right’ reason…to learn ways to enhance the level of instruction they provide to their students.

The possibilities for engaging today’s learners at the level they need must include technology and Web 2.0 tools.

In one session, I was fortunate to meet Susan, a Media Specialist from a neighboring district. Our conversation focused on ideas for technology integration in the classroom. We talked about the question, ‘What if…?’ As we all know, this question is extremely powerful in motivating any learner.

Susan commented that she was always one of those learners who would say, ‘I wonder what this button does.’ What a brilliant thing!

When educators are comfortable with all students having the freedom to ‘wonder what this button does’ to literally ‘CTRL’ their own learning, amazing and unbelievable things happen in the classroom…true learning!

So, the next time we have ‘planned’ the learning, remember Susan and relinquish ‘CTRL.’