Recently, several tweets focused on the presence and sometimes lack, of individuals on Twitter.  As someone who has just recently joined Twitter and has benefited immensely from thousands of people who freely share their ideas, I found this series of tweets quite interesting. 

@courosa asked: ‘Do you feel your Twitter network is generally as generous as it was a year ago? 
Is there fatigue? Sharing as sustainable? Thoughts?’
@wmchamberlain responded with@courosa definitely not as”close” as a couple years ago’

to So I guess when it ceases to be an important part of how you learn or what you need, use dwindles.
These are not all of the tweets, but a few of the ones that stood out to me. Yes, I do understand that there are competing things for our time and attention. A fellow tweeter summed it up by reminding us that ‘Life happens and has a way of making us prioritize.’ I totally agree with this, but no matter how much we might long for more time, we will never have it. What we do have is the ability to spend the time in those activities and with those (face-to-face or online) whom we value. I think that Lyn Hilt made an important observation…’it has to be an important part of how you learn.’ I can relate to @amandacdykes post ‘When Looking From Outside In’.
I can honestly say that the learning happens because of the connections that I have made. These connections are worth continuing and worth the time. Yes, we all need a break, to unplug, for a while, but let’s quickly get back in there and strengthen those connections…on Twitter.