(I’m on of the right)

I have to say that one of the most anxiety-inducing tasks that I face each year is my first interaction with the staff. I am not ‘afraid’ of them or even nervous to be around them. Fact is, I truly love my staff @VickeryCreekES, and I think they at least like me. I get anxious because I feel the pressure to say the’ right thing,’ to inspire with the ‘right ‘ combination of the intellectual, spiritual and emotional connections that I believe are part of what leaders must do in an organization.

Honestly, I think that most of my staff members would be surprised to read this because they see that a natural part of the role of the principal is to speak in public venues and in front of adults and students. I do realize that this is part of my role as a principal…but, I still get nervous.

My first year as Principal of @VickeryCreekES, was in 2007.  As I stood before the faculty and staff on that 7th day of August, and began to answer the question, ‘Who is Ron McAllister?‘ I tried to model the use of technology as I recorded a podcast of that very special day to post on my school blog.  I had my printed transcript ready and followed it word-by-word…mostly.

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have listened to the podcast since that initial date. It sounds silly, but I listen to it to answer the same question, ‘Who is Ron McAllister?’ I listen to see if the ideals that I espoused then are true today. I ask myself, ‘Do I still believe the same things? Do I still value the opportunities to inspire others and to see the potential in every student?’

As I get ready to share with my staff on August 17, 2011, and attempt to continue to answer the question (in Part 5), ‘Who is Ron McAllister?‘ I can say that I still hold those cores values and beliefs but with renewed commitment. I may express them differently, the makeup of my administrative team has changed since then, several teachers who were seated with us in 2007 have relocated or retired, but the importance of the message is still the same. I understand that people will not follow those they do not know.  So my ‘Part 5’ will attempt to give additional insight into who I am, I will use different technologies in the presentation, I am physically different that I was then, but my passion is the same. As I shared in the podcast, I want to know my colleagues, know my content, and know myself as a learner.

My first year of teaching.

In the end, in answering ‘Who is Ron McAllister, Part 5?’ if I can help my staff feel like this about themselves as they learn and grow
…then I have helped them know a little better Who Ron McAllister is.