As a leaders among many (in fact, I think everyone is a leader because each has the power to influence another, but that is a topic for another day), I realize that there are some phrases and words that I repeatedly use which have become a staple in terms of communicating my leadership perspective.

During the first Leadership Team Meeting @VickeryCreekES for our 2011-2012 year, we had a ‘quiz’ -don’t worry, it was not graded. There are more important things than grades as Dr. Dweck reminds us:) Listed below are some of the phrases included on the ‘quiz’. ( I have provided you an answer key in parentheses).

  • You can’t have (capacity) without (consistency).
  • What’s the (Leadership Piece)?
  • The Language of (Leadership)
  • Just because (you could) doesn’t mean (you should)
  • (Want) versus (Need)

At some point in my attempts at leadership, I have encountered the importance of each saying. They are not important because I said them, rather the importance comes from the message that each communicates.

As I begin my fifth year as a building principal, I realize that building capacity is a passionate goal of mine. I have been fortunate to have the multitude of experiences that I have had due to someone else helping to build my capacity. I do believe it is my passionate duty to help build it in others.

My own capacity as a leader was recently expanded because of a Google Hangout with @Akevy613, @PrincipalJ, @L_Hilt, and @dovemerson. Additionally, my leadership capacity has been increased because of participation on Twitter and my PLN!

Thanks for the consistency of sharing your ideas and your learning!