One of the first lessons I learned as an administrator was that I need to be visible…but, not in my office.  Yes, there are times that being in my office allows me to meet with teachers and parents who may need to do so, but my office must be a place that is empty more than it is occupied. As a school administrator, I must be frequently visible in the classrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium, the playground, the Science Lab, everywhere except in my office.

This can be hard because it is easy for all of the lesser important tasks to occupy my time, but I choose to be where I can be of the most help… working with students and teachers.  I once read a quote that says, ‘You cannot lead from behind a desk.’ I agree and try to make this a motto.  One way is scheduling daily blocks of time on my calendar to do so. My faculty and staff know this is ‘sacred’ time that should not be interrupted unless there is some safety or physical emergency.

While attending #RSCON3 this past weekend, @gcouros mentioned the ‘No Office Day‘ that he read about from @Dwight_Carter had where he did not enter his office the entire day because he chose to be in the classroom engaging with students and teachers. Wow, what an inspiration!

Our Admin team is planning to have a ‘No Office Day’ each grading period this 2011-2012 school year.  Thank you, @gcouros and @Dwight_Carter for the inspiration.