I can say that it is truly an amazing time to be an educator in 2011. Yes, I know that the budgets are tight, the hours long, and the expectations at the federal, state and local levels are increasing. Still, when I think of the decision I made to enter education and to make a career of it, my optimism does not wane. In fact, I am glad now, more than ever to be an educator.

With all of the ‘negatives’, how can I honestly make this statement? It is because of my conscious answer to the Passion or Position question. If you are in education long enough, there comes a time when you must ‘answer’ the question, ‘Is being in Education a Passion or Position?’ You may not be able to pinpoint the defining moment, activity, conversation, encounter, classroom or a hundred other moments in education when you, too, answered the question, but on the other hand, you may be able to recall this ‘moment’ with clarity. The reality is that either way…you made a decision. We all did.

The important part is not whether you do or you do not remember the moment, the important thing is how you answered it. Passion or Position? The one you choose is critical.

So, which one?

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