This past year was another amazing year because of the dedicated and committed faculty, staff, students and community members of our school.  We realized that in order to do our best for students, we must be comfortable that we were always learning and how we did things yesterday may not be the way we would do the work today.  So, we knew we had to increase our knowledge base of learners and of teaching and learning strategies. The K.

As we learned with each other, from our kids, and readily sought the expertise of individuals across multiple platforms – in person, through past experiences, through technology – our ability to understand ‘best practice’ also increased. The U.

All of this new learning and ability to understand the new learning was exciting and invigorating.  But something critically important needed to be emphasized; otherwise all was useless.  It was what we would do. The Do.

And so was born our intentional action of identifying the K-U-Do moments.  What Do We Know?, What Do We Understand?, and more importantly, What Will We Do?

It is the doing that changes everything for the learner.

What are your K-U-Do Moments that need celebrating?

Know-Understand-Do photo by @rondmac