As an amateur , and I stress amateur, photographer, I have learned that every picture tells a story.  It has been a common theme across all of humanity to fill the ‘need’ to tell their story.  Every human has endeavored to tell his/her personal story, to leave an impact, a remembrance that serves as a ‘monument’ to the value of existing.

As Terri, @teanorth, and I were on our recent PPD (Photographic Professional Development Day),  I came across this marker on the side of the road.  It stood by itself looking out-of-place and definitely marred.  But a closer look prompted a discussion about ‘The Story of Andy and Alie‘-(spelled that way on the monument). In reality, I have no idea who Andy and Alie are/were, but is that really necessary? I don’t know how long ago Andy and Alie passed this same way, their age, their demographics, their personalities, their likes, dislikes, passions. Nothing! I just know that on this balmy day in July, I stopped and talked about Andy and Alie and wondered all of these things. I wondered about their story.

As an educator and leader, I also realize that my colleagues and more importantly, my students, have a story to tell.  The question is…will I take the time to listen to/for it?

I hope so.

'What's Your Story?'