I was fortunate to attend the National Association for Gifted Children Fall Conference (NAGC) held in Atlanta, GA.  This was an amazing professional development opportunity and probably one of the best of my 21 years as an educator.  I am still thinking about the numerous insights gained while I was there.  One of the keynote sessions featured Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University.  Her topic centered around her book, MindSet. After decades of research, she noted that individuals align to one of two mindsets: growth or fixed.  Implications as to which an individual believes has implications across many facets of life including education.  This was a phenomenal session with lots of data and illustrations of both mindsets.  ABC News has featured a newsclip referring to Dweck’s work.

My Co-Teacher, @jamburgy, and I used Dr. Dweck’s MindSet with our 5th Grade GT students this past year.  We introduced the Myth of Praise video clip from ABC News and the graphic below from Nigel Holmes.  They decided that they all were of the Growth Mindset and interviewed their parents and siblings to discover their mindset.  The insights they developed and shared in class were beyond amazing.

Thank you, Dr. Dweck, for your work and willingness to share your research.  MindSet is a resource well worth the time to read.