I am excited about Thursday, July 7, 2011. Why? Well, let me tell you.  It is the date that a colleague and I have planned our annual professional development day. ‘Great!’ you say with that awkward sigh thinking, ‘Not another professional development day.’  This one is different though because it is a day that she and I design together, and she and I are the only participants.

It all began about three years ago after my first year as principal. She and I work in the same district as principals, and we are both photography nuts. She is, I will readily admit, much better than I. I wanted to know some tips and tricks of photography so she agreed that I could tag along on a photo trip.  I jumped at the chance. While taking pictures at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, we naturally began making analogies of the photos to education and leadership.  This continued all throughout the day as we talked about a stressful time for administrators…the ‘Welcome Back, Get Motivated, Set the Tone for the Year, What Do I Say’ speech to our faculties.

While taking pictures, I realized that photography and education share several things in common, and I found my speech title, ‘Capture the Moment.’ I have included five lessons of photography that relate to education. Enjoy.

1. Every picture tells a story, so what’s your story?
2. It often takes multiple shots to get the one you want, so don’t give up too soon.
3. Ask yourself, ‘What is the real shot here?’
4. Your perspective limits your focal point, so change your perspective.
5. You will find what you are looking for, so what are you looking for?

After talking with the staff about these lessons, I gave an ‘assignment’ to them to take a photo based on one of the five lessons. I have included a couple that they submitted.

A New Use for Teacher Editions

photos by Makowski, Poe, and Brown -Change Your Perspective